Treatment of Infertility

Treatment programme

An initial consultation is given to review your medical history, together with your lifestyle, menstrual, nutritional and emotional health and then a unique treatment programme is devised. You may be asked to monitor your ovulation by recording your basal body temperature (BBT). The BBT chart helps us to understand the activity of the hormones that regulate the female cycle, and monitors the effect of the acupuncture.

We treat according to the different stages of the menstrual cycle to balance the hormones, regulate the cycle and enhance the chances of conception. We may also recommend other complementary therapies.

It takes at least 3 months for immature eggs (oocytes) to mature enough to be released at ovulation, and it takes the same amount of time for sperm to be developed before ejaculation. You should therefore allow a period of at least 3 months to prepare for conception.

Combining acupuncture and western medical treatments is possible. Acupuncture can counteract the side-effects of fertility drugs and better prepare couples for assisted conception, such as IVF.