Complementary Therapies for fertility

Other Complementary Therapies Can Help

A range of natural therapies, as a complement to Western medical assisted techniques, can be extremely useful. Which ones and in which combination will depend, of course, on your individual situation.

There are many therapies to choose from, including counselling, hypnotherapy, reflexology and massage (Manual Lymphatic Drainage, aromatherapy), are useful in addressing specific areas of physical or emotional imbalance.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy can provide a space to focus on the emotional experiences that are part of the process of trying to conceive. Some of the emotions experienced may be distressing and confusing such as: anger, jealousy and resentment towards friends and family without fertility issues, which are normal. You can find yourself surprised at how bitter you feel and not at all comfortable about expressing these feelings.

You can also find yourself in the grip of unexpected and negative feelings about your partner and yourself. How you see yourself as a woman or a man can be hugely challenged, as can be your personal sense of sexuality. These big, powerful issues can be further complicated by difficult decisions around whether or not to have a certain treatment, while at the same time feeling a pressure ‘not to be stressed’.

Counselling or psychotherapy can be a companion during these difficult times. It involves you and the therapist meeting, talking and listening together; it is a shared process nurtured in a safe and dependable environment.


Hypnotherapy that incorporates self-hypnosis and visualisation training can help too. It can be very effective at providing strategies for managing stress and for providing self-help techniques to help you keep calm and focussed throughout your IVF programme.

Reflexology and Massage

Reflexology and any type of massage will be useful. All offer improved blood circulation, detoxification and stress reduction. Particularly good at this is Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Swedish or therapeutic massage. Also the essential oils of aromatherapy can induce deep relaxation and positive feelings of wellbeing.

If other therapies are relevant, at your initial consultation and throughout your treatment plan, we can consider and advise on the most appropriate therapies for you.

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