A selection of testimonials for a range of conditions follows. Also I have added case studies in the fertility and pregnancy sections. This gives an idea of how acupuncture works and the treatments that are required. Please note treatments will vary due to the individual.
Fertility Case Studies 
Pregnancy Case Studies 

End-stage osteoarthritis of the right knee Managing Director in his 50s

"Having suffered from a severe disabling pain in the right knee for many years and being reliant every day on a walking stick and regular pain medication, my quality of life had become significantly impacted. Then through a chance meeting I discovered acupuncture and although I was sceptical at first, I quickly found that it improved the day to day condition of my knee and helped bring the pain down to a very tolerable and manageable level. My overall situation improved beyond anything I could have hoped for and through regular maintenance sessions with Tracey, plus the odd remedial acupuncture session after I've over exceeded my limitations and required some more targeted work to get me back on track, it has continued to stay that way for a number of years now.

A big surprise to me, that I feel is worthy of a mention is how quickly I started seeing significant improvements. After only 2 initial one hour sessions taken over a three day period I was a physically and mentally a very different person and no longer reliant every day on the regular pain medication. Indeed, recently, during a consultation with a knee specialist at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital the consultant commented on how remarkable my pain management, joint strength, and general movement was considering the extremely poor condition of the knee joint; a situation that he attributed to the successful acupuncture treatment I've been receiving."

Knee collateral ligament tear, hip bursitis, sciatica, osteoporosis of spine Teacher in her 60s

"Bursitis, a torn ligament and sciatica led me to seek help to get back on my feet again. Exercise is important for me, as slight osteoporosis showed on the scan of my lower spine some years ago. At this point, it was worryingly out of the question. Friends were talking about their use of permanent painkillers! I had seen a physiotherapist, without significant improvement. There was little hope that I would make the walking holiday booked in three months.

Faced with a complicated challenge, Tracey took stock, carefully considering the finer details of the roots of the problem. The initial appointment was a surprising relief and, by the second appointment, significant improvement was developing. I could now sit down, albeit with a cushion under my hip, and could walk slightly further distances. Tracey introduced SCENAR therapy and cupping to the usual acupuncture. I was now able to get a reasonable night’s sleep. Remarkable progress was made over the following few weeks, mobility improved and walking longer distances resumed. Not only did I not have to cancel the walking holiday that Easter (took it easy of course) but by June was walking in the Austrian alps. I followed up both with maintenance visits to Tracey. Tracey is very knowledgeable and detailed in her consideration of conditions. She reassesses progress continuously and introduces timely and appropriate support therapies, which add momentum to the healing process. The evident success even encouraged my son to try acupuncture!"

IVF, pregnancy support (nausea, back pain, birth preparation) Teacher in her 30s

"I have been in the very safe hands of Tracey for over a year now and have been supported and treated via acupuncture for both major life events (IVF and pregnancy) but also the minor irritations of life (backache and stress). At every step, Tracey provides attention, care and a surity in her practice. She has such a comprehensive knowledge of how acupuncture works and its uses that my skeptical nature quickly dissolved into recommending her to everyone I know! Each session is tailored to tackle the needs of that day but with a careful look at the bigger picture. In most cases I left feeling better within a few hours of the session and if not, I could tell that their was some major work going on and I would reap the rewards in a day or two.

The birth of my first baby is imminent and I am aware that acupuncture has played a significant role in getting me to this point. I have appreciated how Tracey follows up the acupuncture sessions with useful advice to tackle many of the pregnancy side effects and even how to manage labour and birth. She is passionate and committed to her work and I have always felt that she has her clients interests at heart. I hope to continue using acupuncture as a source of keeping my body in check and perhaps too for my baby. It is effective, non-invasive and transformative. I feel lucky to have met Tracey who is so proficient in using it so successfully."

Low back and coccyx pain: IT Consultant in her 30s

"I'd tried a several things before acupuncture; osteopathy, pregnancy massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy swimming etc. None of them really gave me any relief. I was beginning to think I would just have to put up with my lower back ache as a normal part of pregnancy. I was a bit skeptical, but happy to give acupuncture a try.

I was genuinely shocked at the immediate relief from even my first session. I still don't quite understand how sticking tiny needles in you can have such an impact, but it works and for that I'm grateful. I also like the way each week is different and Tracey had a arsenal of different techniques up her sleeve that she uses in conjunction to acupuncture from cupping, acupressure, moxa to SCENAR and press tacks. I'm scared to recommend her too much in case I can't get my appointments!"

Low back and knee pain: Contracts Manager in his 40s

"I'd been playing football and about five minutes into the game I noticed a sharp pain in my lower back. My mobility was instantly restricted. I carried on playing and at half-time noticed my left knee was hurting. After the game, my lower back was very painful. I drove home but could hardly get out of the car and I was finding it difficult to walk. That night I didn't sleep very well, as every time I rolled over, it was extremely painful. The next day, still in a lot of pain, I came to see Tracey. She used the SCENAR device and acupuncture. The relief was almost instant. The pain was reduced by 50%. My muscles were much looser and I could walk much better. I also slept well that night. I came to see her one more time and was back playing football a week later."

Neck/shoulder aches, tension in back, pre-gig preparation: Singer in her 30s

"I have been receiving massage from Tracey for the past six months on a regular basis. She has a keen ability to mix just the right aromatherapy oils to suit my needs and moods. What I also really appreciate is that she really takes her time. The total time of the visit is an hour and 15 mins which means you actually get the full hours massage after the initial consultation, instead of the usual 50 mins by the time you get going! She also uses very thorough deep tissue techniques which I find especially beneficial since I train a lot. Furthermore she has an amazing ability to vary every treatment slightly making it feel new every time, as well as perfectly tailored. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tracey."

Verruca: Marketing officer in her 20s.

"I had a verruca for more than 5 years. I had it treated with a special product for 1 year which would make it disappear for a few months but it would always come back. I then had a painful laser operation, to burn the verruca, results were good at first but it came back again after 3 months. After 2 more unsuccessful operations, I decided to try acupuncture. When I first met Tracey, she asked me to explain everything and said that she will look into a special treatment to treat the verruca. On our 2nd visit, Tracey had found a special way to treat it and said that it was 99% successful in Chinese medicine. The treatment had to be done in 4 sessions mainly focusing on the infected area. After the 3rd visit with Tracey, the verruca started to disappear and by the last one it was gone. I then saw Tracey twice for check ups, one after 3 months and one after 6 months and the verruca did not come back. It is now 12 months since the treatment finished and there are no signs of the verruca or any infection. It has been 100% treated and is gone for good."

Sluggish Digestion, Skin Eruptions and Stress: Teacher in her 30s.

"I’ve been having Acupuncture Detox treatments with Tracey Goulding for three months. I suffer from sluggish digestion and dull skin, which is prone to eruptions. As soon as the needles go into my ears, my intestines start rumbling and on one occasion I had to drive very quickly home! I get very stressed juggling home and work life, and once I turned up with a pounding headache but left, headache-free, feeling calm and relaxed. My sleep is much better and my migraines have been less frequent."

Morning Sickness: Vet in her 30s.

"I had incapacitating morning sickness from week 5 of my pregnancy which meant I couldn't work at all. At week 12 I starting seeing Tracey for acupuncture treatment. She was very kind and understanding - especially when I threw up my entire breakfast in her sink! My morning sickness was considerably improved after 2 treatments and although I had some nausea throughout my pregnancy I was able to function again, return to work, sleep and eat well. I now have a beautuful healthy baby boy!."

Some Email Messages

Pre-birth acupuncture and acupressure Mother in her 30s

"I had my daughter on Saturday evening and the whole experience till I came home later that night took only five hours. The birth was fairly unbelievable as I went from 2cm to fully dilated in 10 minutes, then jumped into the pool and she came out four contractions later! Again only took a few minutes. We were both well enough to leave two hours later. Pretty ideal and since then she is feeding well and even put on weight this week. I have no doubt the acupuncture helped so thanks so much! I used the acupressure points on my hand and calf a lot (esp in early stages) and my husband pushed the ones on my back when things were a little intense later. I will no doubt find another reason to have more acupuncture later as I find it so beneficial."

Neck pain Office worker in her 40s

"Thought I’d just quickly send you a note to say how much your treatment yesterday evening has already helped me. I’m not pain free but you have stopped that terrible acute pain that was driving me mad and felt unsupportable. Thank you. As a bit of a sceptic I’m rather astonished!"

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