Scenar therapy
S.C.E.N.A.R. Therapy (Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a safe, non-invasive, pain-free therapy which kick-starts the body’s own natural processes to regain health. It is a safe and effective way to relieve pain, even if you’ve had it for decades. Using revolutionary technology, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the body’s own natural healing abilities, SCENAR treats pain at a deep enough level to give profound, lasting relief.

Its development is based on Russia’s extensive medical studies of the Adaptive Response. This is the manner in which the body/mind restores itself from insult and injury and regains relative health. A Russian team of doctors and scientists based at Sochi University and led by Alexander Karasev in the 1970s received large Government Grants to develop genuine drug-free therapies for space travel. One of the outcomes of this research is a small electronic device, called the SCENAR that has since undergone many transformations. For this, two of this team received the Order of Lenin (equivalent to the Nobel Prize). In the West, the SCENAR was immediately dubbed the ‘Star Trek’ device by the press because of its origins and its similarity to the ‘all-curing’ medical scanner used in the series, Star Trek.

SCENAR therapy has no contraindications and can be used to diagnose and treat at the same time. Only those with a pacemaker or other electrical implants cannot receive this treatment.
What happens and how it feels: The treatment will begin with questions about your symptoms and health. The SCENAR device will be placed on parts of your body or the affected area, recording signals. A gentle pins and needles sensation will be felt as the SCENAR is moved over your body. This stimulates your healing process.

How safe is it? Extremely. The SCENAR impulse mimics the electrical signals already running through your nervous system and are of very short duration. In Russia it has been approved and used for general medical use and after more than 30 years of daily use there are no reports of unwanted side effects.

After treatment: Alcohol and recreational drugs block the brain's ability to process information, and it is therefore preferable that they not be used for 24 hours before and after treatment. SCENAR continues to work even after you have completed your course of treatment so do not be concerned if you are discharged before you are completely better.

Treatment Frequency: In order to create a continuous flow of circulating regulative peptides SCENAR action must be given quite often initially. For any fresh injury or any acute inflammatory process treatment needs to be intensive, ideally once daily, or at least three times a week. For chronic conditions, treatments are ideally given one or up to three times a week initially. As things improve the frequency can be reduced. Typically a course involves 10 to 15 treatments, acute cases often less. With long-standing chronic cases, after a break of about a month or two, a second course can be given, if necessary.

Russian experience is that SCENAR affects all the body systems and can be effective for a very broad range of diseases. The difference between SCENAR and some other therapies, which may require you to have indefinite ongoing treatment, is that SCENAR takes the body through the healing cycle to completion. This means that once your treatment is finished, it is unlikely that you will need further treatment for the same problem. In the UK, it is known to give effective relief from many types of pain, including both acute and chronic. It is used here with all of the following: And a wide range of other conditions related to ageing, work place stress, and sports injuries.
Biofeedback: Using electronic biofeedback through the body's own skin and nervous system, the SCENAR sends mild electrical impulses to the brain where the body’s own natural pharmacy of neuropeptides and other bioactive chemicals are stimulated into redressing the imbalance that has occurred. As these and other bio-chemicals last up to several hours or months, the healing process will continue long after the treatment is over. It rapidly advances healing.

TENS and SCENAR: This dynamic aspect of the device and ability to engage at a whole body level makes it far more effective and sophisticated than TENS. Those machines are useful for temporarily blocking pain (such as in childbirth) but they use a simple signal which the body quickly becomes adapted to. It is like a blockage in a motorway, the body soon finds a detour route and tells the brain of the pain. TENS machines, unlike SCENAR, do little or nothing to affect the underlying reasons for the pain, so the pain returns. SCENAR is far more sophisticated: it uses constantly changing signals in response to the body, making it impossible for the body to adapt to its signal. Furthermore, the SCENAR signals have a much higher capacity to excite the neuropeptide-producing C-fibres (80-85% of nerve fibres in the body) than any other form of electrotherapy. These unique characteristics of the signal produce effects that are much more wide-ranging and far longer lasting.

To read more about the scientific basis of how SCENAR works, read an article by one of inventors of SCENAR therapy, Professor Revenko. This article can be found in the LINKS section - scroll to the bottom of the page.

Treatment Fees:
Consultation and treatment, inlcuding follow-up sessions are up to 1 hour.
For treatments lasting half an hour the fee will be reduced accordingly.

Available in East Dulwich (fee £43), Crystal Palace and Battersea (£46).