Useful Websites and book

One in two smokers will die from a smoking related disease says QUIT, an independent charity, whose aim is to save lives by helping smokers to stop. This site has lots of useful advice if you haven't stopped yet and tips to help you stay stopped. Plus information on products and methods that might help you quit.
NHS Smokefree Service
There are lots of tools on this website that can help you to go smoke-free. You can find out about what happens to your body when you quit smoking, assess your current addiction levels, download inspirational videos, order support packs and more. Has links to the NHS’s free stop smoking service which includes links to local one-to-one or group support sessions.
Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
This book costs about £7 and is probably one of the better books on giving up smoking. Most of the book explodes various myths and delusions about smoking (such as smoking relaxes you and gets rid of stress), then encourages you to rejoice in not having to smoke again. It deals with the psychological aspects of addiction, which given that nicotine is eliminated from the body within 48 hours of stopping, is the key to being able to quit in the first place and to stay smoke-free. [The link is to Amazon but most major bookshops should sell this book.]