Quit Smoking Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy Package


"... make this your last with our special quit smoking package."

Our Quit Smoking Package combines the power of two effective therapies to help you to stop smoking: acupuncture and hypnotherapy. Our package gives you the motivation to quit smoking and stay quit by reducing your cravings. We programme your mind to no longer want to smoke with 1 session of hypnotherapy and then reinforce your resolve by giving you 3 sessions of acupuncture which helps reduce your cravings and the effects of nicotine withdrawal such as: mood swings, depression, fear, panic attacks, increased appetite and sleep disturbance.

This is the package for people who need that extra support through the quitting process. Two powerful therapies can sometimes be better than one to overcome your addiction by offering two routes to address your mind and body. This package is offered in East Dulwich and Herne Hill; other locations are available although a supplement will be payable.

Package Content

1 session of hypnotherapy (90 mins)
3 sessions of acupuncture (first session 1 hour, follow-ups 45 minutes each)
Total Cost £199, saving £50.

This is great value. A smoker of 15 per day who is spending £8 per pack of 20 cigarettes, would have paid for the course in just over 5 weeks.

Optional 10% off top-up sessions:
One 60 session of hypnotherapy at £67 each (usual price £75)
One 45 minute session of acupuncture at £34 (usual price £38)

How it works

Your first session will be hypnotherapy - this will give you the motivation to quit by working with your subconscious mind. By giving you powerful, positive suggestions whilst deeply relaxed in a trance you will be able to eliminate the desire to smoke and enjoy being a non smoker. It feels calm and empowering, you remain in full control and aware of what is being said at all times.

We advise for the best chances of success that you then take your three acupuncture sessions over a period of two weeks after your hypnotherapy session. This will help minimise the effects of cravings and nicotine withdrawal and help boost your body’s natural detoxing efforts. If you are unable to take your sessions in this timeframe, your package will be valid for up two months from the date of purchase. After you have finished your sessions and feel you require top-ups we give you one session each of hypnotherapy and acupuncture with 10% off the full price.


Kristin Hayward, registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Visit website.
Tracey Goulding, registered Acupuncturist. More information.

Practice Locations

Hypnotherapy sessions: 19 Poplar Walk, Herne Hill, London SE24 0BX
(clinic in Harley Street with supplement payable)

Acupuncture sessions: 48 Bawdale Road, London SE22 9DN


Package valid for 2 months from date of purchase.
Top-up sessions must be taken within 6 months from date of purchase.
Full payment due at the end of your first session (no credit cards).
48 hours notice of cancellation or re-scheduling of appointment required or full charge will be incurred.