Pregnancy Case Studies
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Lower back pain
Alison came to see me when she was 19 weeks pregnant. She was experiencing intermittent sharp lower back pain with continuous aching. She had a history of back problems since a whiplash injury 14 years ago, including very painful sciatica during her last pregnancy. She was also having shooting calf leg cramps occurring mainly at night. Following examination of the lower back, I used cupping (a kind of deep tissue massage) over the affected muscles then needling. I gave her my Advice Note on leg cramps. Two weeks later she returned and said that she was “amazed that just one treatment could make should a big difference to my back pain”. She reported only the occasional twinge towards the end of the day or after lifting her daughter. Her leg cramps were much reduced too.

Pre-birth preparation
My patient was extremely anxious about going into her second labour. Her first had been traumatic ending in a caesarean section. We managed to fit in 4 treatments to prepare her cervix and reduce her anxiety. During in these weeks she felt much calmer at the prospect of giving birth. Her labour lasted 4 hours and she delivered a healthy boy. She reported back to me that the midwife commented favourably on how quickly her cervix dilated.

Katy came to see me after experiencing 6 weeks of incapacitating morning sickness. She was 12 weeks pregnant and vomiting everyday, including waking up at night every one to three hours to vomit. She could not work due to the severity of her symptoms. Katy could not eat properly and felt constantly bloated and constipated; she had bowel movements every two to three days. Katy had been prescribed antiemetics, but found them not to be effective. She described a feeling of overwhelming tiredness. I gave her two acupuncture treatments within a few days of each other and also supplied her with press tacks so she could use acupressure at home. I also gave her my guidance note on self-help remedies to help treat morning sickness. After the first treatment she noticed less nausea and after the second the vomiting stopped. Within days she was able to return to work, do exercise and eat properly, so her bowel movements and energy levels improved too.

Geraldine had been suffering from severe migraines occurring 1 to 2 times a month for 5 years. Being 7 weeks pregnant she could only take paracetamol which was not enough to reduce her pain. I gave her 8 treatments in which time the migraines were reduced one month and then returned. However, following the end of the treatment course they disappeared and she emailed me saying that she “felt like a new woman”. A year later she still reported no recurrence of her migraine.

Names have been changed.

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