Our approach to treating injury and pain
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Shoulder pain

Pain is associated with actual or potential tissue damage. It many arise from an accident, cancer, arthritis, overuse, or a multitude of physical ailments and even emotional distress. It has been observed that feelings of frustration, anger and fear make pain more intense and difficult to treat. No matter what the cause, pain, especially chronic pain, transcends simply physical hurt. It limits the activities of everyday living and can erode the sufferer’s ability to function.

Benefits of treatment

Our approach to treating injuries and pain aims to greatly reduce your recovery time, so reducing the potential for chronic pathology developing. Our treatment significantly advances the body’s own self-healing by:

  • Reducing inflammation/swelling
  • Release of muscle spasms, tightness and contraction
  • Increasing joint flexibility and improving posture
  • Increasing micro-circulation of blood and waste removal from damaged tissues
  • Faster regeneration of tissue
  • Pain-relieving effect
  • Regulatory whole-body effect on the body’s systems (nervous, endocrine, immune etc).

Pre-event muscle preparation and injury prevention

We offer treatments before and after events or gym workouts for people playing sports as well as professional or recreational dancers. This helps prevent injuries, increases muscular output and enhances recovery time. This can add years to the career and life of athletes and dancers. It also gives you a competitive edge. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers many tools for treating soft tissue injuries and pain including acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping and acupressure/massage. Our approach also incorporates the most technically advanced system called Scenar Therapy. An approach which can powerfully and safely stimulate your body’s own natural self-healing and pain-relieving systems, bringing fast relief, sometimes in minutes. Read more about Scenar Therapy. You can choose to have SCENAR therapy only instead of acupuncture.

How our approach differs from other healthcare providers

We offer a different approach to osteopaths and physiotherapists who use ‘dry needling’ by involving the whole body in addressing an injury or disease. Often these practitioners simply needle the local area of injury or pain, which while this will be beneficial, may not address the wider problems resulting from an injury and so rehabilitation will be slower and more likely to re-occur. For example, knee pain can effect how muscles are moved in the other leg, the hips and feet, the spinal balance and functioning of the neck and even the eye muscles. The brain subconsciously registers this wider dysfunction in the body and attempts to restore balance using all its body systems (immune, nervous, endocrine etc). Consequently treating both local problems and the wider dysfunction accelerates rehabilitation. Treatment goes beyond the merely symptomatic and is a strength of Chinese Medicine and SCENAR therapy.

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