Causes of Infertility

There are many causes of infertility related to physiological dysfunction, diet and environmental factors. Herbicides and pesticides, chemical additives and preservatives, over processing, vitamin depletion and general pollution can affect the nutritional quality of the food we eat and our reproductive health. Acupuncture can be used to boost fertility and improve chances of IVF success. Underlying diseases and disorders which cause or contribute to infertility and can be treated by acupuncture include:

  • endometriosis
  • disorders of ovulation (infrequent, inadequate, no ovulation)
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • tubal blockage
  • unexplained infertility.

Acupuncture is also good at helping in other ways that benefit fertility:

  • helps relieve stress - the fact that many babies are conceived while parents are on holiday suggests stress is not good for fertility. Research has yet to decide on this, but we do know female hormones are affected by anxiety and tension. Stress is also thought to lower sperm production in some men.
  • balances female hormones which is a frequent contributor to fertility problems.
  • boosts the flow of blood and energy to the reproductive organs which can improve egg quality and the lining of the uterus to help egg implantation.

Well-funded clinical trials are rare, but there is increasing evidence that explains how acupuncture impacts on the body to enhance fertility. A FactSheet from the British Acupuncture Council presents the latest research on acupuncture's regulating effect on fertility hormones, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and in particular, how it is understood to counteract the effects of PCOS: Download FactSheet: Acupuncture and Female infertility.

Acupuncture can help with male fertility issues too; improving sperm counts, motility and morphology. This website presents research into how acupuncture can enhance sperm quality and quantity. Go to Jane Lyttleton's website the Acupuncture IVF Support Clinic.