Ferility Case Studies

Short cases studies are presented here to show how acupuncture intervention can help to improve natural fertility and IVF chances of pregnancy success.

Natural Ferility Case Studies

Zandra, 27 Miscarriages/ectopic pregnancies
Zandra had been trying to conceive for 6 years. Her first child had been born 8 years ago. Zandra had developed pre-eclampsia during the pregnancy and went through a traumatic birth; she haemorrhaged and the placenta was retained. This lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and adhesions. She then sadly endured two ectopic pregnancies, which resulted in one fallopian tube being removed. After this she managed to get pregnant, but a scan at 7 weeks revealed no heartbeat, using pessaries, she miscarried at 9 weeks.

Five months after this miscarriage she came to see me for acupuncture. Her other medical history revealed severe IBS and kidney infections every 3 months, due to an anatomical defect. We initially commenced 3 sessions per month. After the 4th session she had a kidney infection, which was cleared with antibiotics. After 2 months, due to work commitments Zandra was unable to continue trying for a baby. We continued twice monthly treatments to optimise her fertility and improve her overall health. After 6 months, she began trying for a baby again, so treatments were timed to coincide with her menstrual cycle. Fours months later she was pregnant, but at 4 weeks, sadly the foetus was lost. After this, she followed a nutritionist’s strict dietary advice, which stopped her IBS attacks, but she then contracted a kidney infection. However this was now a year later from the last one. We focussed her treatments just before and after ovulation. Three months later, after releasing an unusual 3 eggs at ovulation, she fell pregnant. She is now 22 weeks pregnant and her gynaecologist comments that the baby is a “miracle baby”.

Rosie 30, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Rosie had been trying unsuccessfully for a baby for a year. She had a complicated menstrual history: her hymen was removed at 17 years of age to allow menstrual bleeding. Due to severe pain and heavy bleeding she was prescribed the contraceptive pill for 1 year, after which her periods stopped for 8 years. They returned on long irregular cycles, so she took the pill again. But on stopping the pill she began bleeding every two weeks. After 8 months of this, she came to see me to help regulate her periods so she could get pregnant. We commenced weekly treatments. After 2 treatments her bleeding stopped and she returned to long irregular cycles starting at 66 days. However over a period of a year she was treated twice every month and she followed Chinese Medical dietary advice. Her cycle shortened to 31 days, after which she became pregnant.

Kelly 38 and Raju 44, miscarriage, prolactinoma, borderline low sperm motility
Kelly and Raju had been trying for 2 years to have a baby. One year ago, Kate had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. Raju had borderline low sperm motility and prolactinoma (a condition where the hormone prolactin is over produced which lowers testosterone levels). Raju had a low libido and suffered impotence. Kate had 4 acupuncture sessions timed with her menstrual cycle and Raju received two treatments just prior to Kate’s ovulation. After these treatments, Kate became pregnant and went onto have a healthy baby.

Marianne 37, Low ovarian reserve, uterine polyp
Marianne had been trying for a baby for 2 years. She then consulted a fertility clinic, who had given her clomid for three months which had no effect. Marianne came to see me at this point. Due to her work commitments we scheduled two treatments per month at particular times in her menstrual cycle, including dietary and lifestyle advice. She also had decided to use a different fertility clinic. Tests revealed a polyp in the lining of her uterus and low ovarian reserve. She also had a relatively short cycle varying between 23 to 25 days. After six acupuncture sessions over three months, her fertility consultant said IVF was her only option and that “there was no chance she would get pregnant naturally”. However contrary to this gloomy prediction, she fell pregnant after her 6th session without the need to go through IVF.

IVF Case Studies

Angela 35, low ovarian reserve
Angela came to me to improve her chances of conceiving through IVF. She had been trying for a baby for one and half years. She was often losing control and angry at not been able to get pregnant. I gave her 5 treatments before she entered the IVF cycle to prepare her eggs and uterus, and balance her emotions. Tests revealed low ovarian reserve and high follicle stimulating hormone levels and a uterine polyp. Her next 8 treatments were timed to coincide with her IVF treatments. She produced 5 best quality embryos, and only one blastocyst was transferred back, as the consultant thought a pregnancy was likely. We did a treatment to encourage implantation within one hour of the transfer. Angela contacted me two weeks later to say she was pregnant.

Elizabeth 33, unexplained infertility
Elizabeth had been trying to have a baby for two years, tests revealed no problems. She had decided to try IVF; this was her second try. I gave her 7 treatments timed to support her IVF treatment. A scan revealed 4 follicles in each ovary, compared to only one follicle at her last IVF try. Two good quality blastocysts were transferred back, one implanted and she is now happily pregnant.

Names have been changed.

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