Traditional Chinese medicine has been practised for over 2000 years and it is continually updated by clinical practice and research. It is a routine part of healthcare in China practised alongside Western medicine. It is a system which treats the whole person and not just the symptoms of an illness. It uses a range of methods including acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, exercise and massage. The World Health Organisation recognises its effectiveness and Randomised Control Trials, the gold standard for testing medical interventions, show acupuncture is effective in treating a wide range of pain disorders.
At the initial consultation you will be asked about your health condition, lifestyle and diet to gain a whole picture of your wellbeing. This enables a customised treatment plan to be created with your agreement, which may include dietary advice. You will be treated using acupuncture needles, but other treatments such as massage, cupping (suction is created in specially designed cups placed on the skin), moxa (heat application), ear or electro-acupuncture will be used as necessary with your agreement. Treatment may take place over one day, a few days or several weeks or more. Your plan is tailored to suit your medical condition, and life circumstances, with agreed fees so that you have control of your own expectations and progress.
Acupuncture may be considered for a wide variety of conditions including: This list is not exhaustive, and acupuncture can be considered for many other conditions.
According to Chinese Medicine the body maintains its healthy state through a dynamic balance between two opposing forces called yin and yang. These forces are continually subject to influences such as emotional stress, viruses, trauma and so on, which can all lead to an imbalance of yin and yang This imbalance blocks the flow of qi or energy within channels or meridians in the body and leads to disease.? Acupuncture works by re-balancing this qi or energy. Regulation of qi can affect a person's spiritual, emotional, mental and physical balance.

Western medicine proposes that acupuncture regulates the nervous and immune systems, including altering brain chemistry to release pain-killing biochemicals, such as endorphins, and hormones to boost immune effectiveness.
Essential Therapia (home-based practice) Bawdale Road, East Dulwich SE22 9DN.
Sessions: Every morning, all day Tuesday (last appointment 7pm) and Friday (last appointment 6pm). Fee is £43 for one hour consultation and treatment.

The Crystal Palace Osteopathic Practice 10 Westow Street, Crystal Palace, London SE19 3AH.
Sessions: Monday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings. Last appointment 7pm. Fee is £46 for a one-hour consultation and treatment.

Chatfield Medical Centre Chatfield Road, Battersea SW11 9UJ.
Sessions: Thursday afternoons and evenings. Last appointment 7pm. Fee is £46 for a one-hour consultation and treatment.

To book an appointment or for further information: 07941 740018.

Home visiting service available (minimum extra charge £20) - areas covered include: East Dulwich, West Dulwich, Dulwich Village, Forest Hill, Brockley, Herne Hill, Camberwell, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Anerley, South Norwood, West Norwood.